This video is narrated by Harrison Ford – a long-time pilot and EAA enthusiast.  It is over 17 minutes long, but by the end of the video, you may understand better what draws us all to this show every summer.

This year marks my fifth year working as a controller at Airventure Oshkosh.

I am a Team Lead this year; there are 16 teams of 4 that will do the work of air traffic control during the show.  Each team has a Lead, a Veteran (at least 4 years of experience), an Limited (2-3 years of experience), and a Rookie (first time to be at Oshkosh).  If you scroll back through this blog, you will see my entries from my very first time here.

Pilots, builders, controllers, watchers, military, veterans ALL have an affinity for this show, and we each do a tiny little part to make the whole show work.

We spent the first day together in training and testing for all the procedures we will use for the next week and a half.  There are roughly 75 controllers, supervisors, and managers plus 15 staff persons plus 10-15 tech ops people who come up here to represent the FAA.

It is a truly humbling thing to be counted on to get all these pilots, their families, and their aircraft safely in and out of Oshkosh.

Tomorrow morning we get to open the tower and welcome the first arrivals to Airventure.